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HMRlignan TM (Norway Spruce Lignan), The Key Ingredients of ELIGNA

What is Lignans?

Lignans are phytoestrogen found in many plant and foods, including grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and drinks such as tea, coffee or wine.

Lignans are antioxidants that may also support the immune system. Additionally, lignans are excellent for balancing hormone (estrogen) level in the body.

In women, they help balance estrogen levels. In human estrogen deficit, lignans provide a milder estrogen to balance any deficit.

In excess of human estrogen, lignans can also exert anti-estrogenic effects and can prevent naturally occurring human estrogen from binding to estrogen receptors and exerting their negative effects.

Benefits of Lignans

  • Menopause Health
  • Breast Health
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Ovarian & Uterine Health
  • Maintain bone density
  • Antioxidant property
  • Cognitive Enhancement
  • LDL Cholesterol Lowering

About HMRlignanTM (Norway Spruce Lignan)

HMRlignanTM (phytoestrogen) is from Norwegian Spruce tree, Switzerland produced.

HMRlignanTM , a type of efficient phytoestrogens, beneficial to human health. It acts as direct metabolic precursor of the Mammalian Lignan – Enterolactone (ENL).

Upon arrival in a healthy intestinal tract, intestinal bacteria will convert it directly into enterolactone. Enterolactone is the major-endogenous-human metabolite lignan, normally present in low concentrations as part of a healthy diet, but lacking in the modern diet due to over-processing of foods and poor diet selection.

HMRlignanTM has high bioavailability. It can be completely absorbed from GI tract, exhibit both
estrogenic and anti-estrogenic effects depends on situation.

HMRlignanTM and Women's Health

1. Menopause Management

  • A daily dose of 10 to 30 mg of Norwegian spruce lignans is effective to help women manage menopause.
  • Reduce hot flashes about 50%
  • Improvement in bone mineral density
  • Cognitive enhancement

2. Breast Health

breast health
  • Increased dietary lignan intake as well as increased blood levels of enterolactone (ENL), is associated with improved breast health in women.
  • Large population studies have found that higher intakes of lignans and higher blood levels of enterolactone are associated in reducing breast cancer risk in both pre- and postmenopausal women.

3. Cardiovascular Health

  • Increased blood levels of ENL have been shown to reduce oxidation of blood lipids.
  • In a heart disease risk factor study in Kuopio, Finland, higher serum ENL levels were able to promote cardiovascular health.
  • Phytoestrogens also help to lower total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and to raise HDL cholesterol.
eligna product Support premenstrual syndrome, relieve menopause symptoms such as hot flash


HMRlignan™ (phytoestrogen) for balancing hormone levels (estrogen) in the body & antioxidant effect.

HMRlignan™ 木脂素 (植物雌激素)用于平衡体内荷尔蒙(雌激素)水平和抗氧化作用

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