period cramps

What To Eat To Prevent Period Cramps

Experiencing menstrual cramps is a shared reality for many women who menstruate, and the role of diet in relieving this discomfort is increasingly recognized. In this extensive guide, we explore the connection between your dietary choices, menstrual pain, and the consumption of natural supplements for period cramps, aiming to provide a comprehensive resource for individuals 

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Urinary Tract Infection & CranMax Cranberry

Cran-Max® Cranberry for preventing Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) represent a recurrent health problem, especially for women. More than 50% of women will suffer from a UTI at least once in their lifetime. Escherichia coli (E. coli) accounts for most cases. Treatment usually involves antibiotics and recurrence is a major concern. It happens anywhere in your urinary tract (kidneys/ureters/bladder/urethra). Most 

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Woman in Menopause

HMRlignan TM (Norway Spruce Lignan), The Key Ingredients of ELIGNA

What is Lignans? Lignans are phytoestrogen found in many plant and foods, including grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and drinks such as tea, coffee or wine. Lignans are antioxidants that may also support the immune system. Additionally, lignans are excellent for balancing hormone (estrogen) level in the body. In women, they help balance estrogen levels. In human estrogen deficit, 

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