Product Update: AQUACORE Sachet Packaging Update (OMAC2203002 onwards)

To whoever who are concerned:

There are 3 minor sachet packaging changes on AQUACORE (latest batch number OMAC22030020) that have just been released in April 2022 as shown below:

1) The orange bracket part changed from horizontal lines to a net-like pattern.

2) Became round corner for more premium handling.

3) From the back view, you can see there is an opening in the center seal, easier to tear off.



Rest assured, all of the sachet information and product ingredients remained unchanged. The layout of AQUACORE is still the same, just that the appearance will be slightly different. At the moment, the upgrade is only applicable for AQUACORE sachet only.


If you have any questions, you may always feel free to approach our customer service team.

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